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Friday, February 8, 2008

TV Body

May not be relevant to the project entirely, but... what the heck.

Every Saturday
, ATV World has been broadcasting "Say No To The Knife" though these few weeks.

This is a reality show about a group of people who planned to undergo cosmetic surgery while the two hosts tried to convince them to say no to the knife. They did that in two different ways: one took the psychological strategy and the other taught them how to dress nicely.

Apparently, the participants enjoyed the "transformation" part where one of the hosts took them shopping for a new look (way over the psychology part). By dressing them in a more happy and confident (good looking?!) way, the participants felt better with their body image and started to reconsider the surgery.

There are so many imperfections that we have for our bodies: flabby skins, wrinkles, fats, too small/big etc. But then how much risk we would take to change our body parts permanently? How fat is intolerable? More importantly, how much can clothes alter our own body image? Be it positively or negatively...

Another re-run in Pearl takes a look at the celebrities - the skinny one (Been seeing quite a lot of TV...). Extreme: Skinny Celebrities have various people discussing the issue about skinny image in the media and eating disorder. They gave examples like Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Nicole Kidman etc....

Okay, cliché... Models, celebrities being too slim have been talked about for like decades!
But then how slim is slim? Everything is so subjective and ambiguous. I hate the way they portrayed that these women go so slim because they are celebrities and thus under a lot of pressure to maintain their good looks, therefore losing too much weight and go sickly thin. As for some stars like Kidman who are naturally slim by birth. They got to legitimate their idea by saying that she lost her weight after her divorce with Tom Cruise. Come on...

While some of them are/were openly fighting eating disorder, they as usual showed how sad and pity they felt towards them by showing their skinny pictures. But whether the show try to send out the message correctly? Um... I have some second thoughts... Yet some might think that it is the least it can do...

Yea right, it all ends up with the same old saying. Pay less attention to the appearance and it is our abilities and talents that make us truly shine and so on... Stop judging etc.

I don't know. Can a woman listen to those preaching? And stop caring for appearance and start to appreciate their abilities?

Anyway, I believe that every woman is beautiful. If they look ugly probably because one is looking at the wrong place. Stop paying attention to the tiny wrinkles, little wobbly skin and small tummy fats. And yea... Leave the ladies alone.

Hee, and I also believe in clothes. Dressing right, feeling right.
If you look fat/thin/wrong, it is probably not your body's fault. It must be the wrong clothes!

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