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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Erasing the Curves

After reading two chapters about women with breasts cancer in "Through the Wardrobe"...

How would you live without breasts?

Breasts are more than just organs. They have always been a symbol for the female gender and losing it would cause a confusion of a woman's identity. Not in a way that she is not a woman anymore but it is more about her femininity.

If the patient decided not to do a reconstruction, she would need prosthesis to substitute her breasts. While a reconstruction is permanent, the later one is unstable (could be removed while the user wants to).

One could also tires to give up any sort of "fake" breasts, thus going out into the public without breasts. Yet, that is not an easy thing to do. Since, by doing so, one is not "normal" and would be standing out from the crowd.

Dressing differently is making a statement - attracting attractions. As in many subcultures like goth or cos-play etc. However, having breast cancer is very different from having a belief or interests/hobbies and it would be really unlikely for a breasts cancer patient to give up "fake" breasts in public.

It is always interesting to see how far one would go in terms of dressing unlike "everyone else". But then, when some body changes force you to decide whether to stay normal (breasts reconstruction with all the pain) or start a new wardrobe (prosthesis), what would one do? And why?

This lead to more thinking about how much do the presentation of our appearance is for others to look at and how much it is solely for our own pleasure and comfort...?

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