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Friday, February 15, 2008

Clean it Dry

How many clothes in your closet need to be dry clean?
And how often do you follow the tag?

These are two of my clothing that i never dry clean yet they need to.
I never realize until recently i start looking at those tags with all the washing information.
Since I have always trusted my mom.
But then when I confronted her saying that "hey, you know these need to be dry clean?" (she said yes) "how come you never dry clean them!!!?!?!?"
Her reason for the jeans is that they are already so expensive and dry cleaning would be a lot of money wasted. Anyhow these items are causal wear which implies that they need to be once on a usual basis (so does not worth dry cleaning/ cause her inconvenience).
Unlike coat and other winter wear, which she would definitely take them to the dry-cleaner each year when the season ends.

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