Split Persona

Saturday, January 9, 2016

That Time those Years withint a Week of a Month in a Day

Firework falls
Leaving sparks
Of dust
So I lip "Happy New Year"
With a kiss

Their fur falls
Leaving a mess
On my pillow
So I wash
With complete surrender

My Galaxy falls
Leaving a black screen
Of an unidentifiable vibration
So I let go
With willing spirit

The paint falls
Leaving a pattern
Of a teak tree
So I carve
With your memories

His hair falls
Leaving a mark
Of confusion
So I breathe in
With a pausing heart

Your word falls
Leaving your oral cavity
On deaf ears
So I hide
With silence

The year falls
Leaving a new hope
Of a end
So to speak
With time

Brooke Shaden

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