Split Persona

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 January 2009 at 23:13 - still valid


Oh bloody hell
she's still waiting
80 miles away
from my door step
for the chance
a mere coincidence
of a dog pass by
so she could leave
there she stands
first comes a bastard
then a bitch
pure reflection from a mirror
10 gallons of distilled water
pour down the road
60 thousand-dollar notes
the kid looks extremely puzzled
"lawn mower"
20 cents
i owe him my eyelashes
steal his shoulders
cannot and did not
hide anything from them
apart from his other part
he also blows his mind
please stop your doubts
never lie to you
fall for her
kiss his lips
drink their blood
full of love
simultaneous trust
70 minutes more
what a mess
our distance
each other
we have to avoid
3 dozens
20 centimetres
29.4 litres
521 threads of hair
my heart
61 eye balls
9 wrinkles
8 decibel
-50.1 pounds
42 phone calls
9.3% fat
63 drops

in short
that's how much i miss you

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