Split Persona

Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Non ti abbandonerò mai!"

Non conosci ancora niente di me

Because we Catholics are such hypocrites...
My eyes opened
You sealed the deal
Everything is based on fantasy

Non conosci veramente una persona

Because the beauty blinds your mind
Words she manipulates
Technology he enslaves
Inspirational desire

Everything can be fake Virgil: joy, pain, hate, illness, recovery... even love.

Because the enclosure I put myself in
Stockholm syndrome
What kills the cat
Lust encourages

And I'm absolutely sane as long as we're together

Because Abramović warned you
to avoid falling for an artist
Forgery Original
Original Forgery

Don’t you know me? 

Because the characters she delivers deceive you
For you could never guess what she is
Fragile yet tough
Cruel intentions

Don’t you know me by now?

cruel intentions
before sunrise (milkshake)
the artist is present
la migliore offerta
absolute beginner (carla bruni)

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