Split Persona

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've got to tell her this...

Don't mention it back to me
'Cause she will be mad

I was created to protect her
Fragile as your malnutrition thread of hair
She told me not to
I couldn't stop
She cried
I choked
She resisted

10 odd years

There was no other way out
I murdered

For me
She becomes a vegetarian
Why feel guilty
For everything that I have done

She tried
I prompted that suicide
The list
Was drafted
Torn apart by him


He was there to balance
I trashed her Blackberry
She broke my laptop
Yet with high physical lust
He induced peace

I knew

She played the game
I designed
Fucked him up

He flew her up into the sky
"Don't worry
You got away with it"

She wanted more
4th is coming
We three are still one

Kill them all

Thanks for the flowers
I like them alive
I am too beautiful to be hot...

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