Split Persona

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Because I feel bored

can't help myself
we should be on vogue
my gold nipples
draw me a sheep
drunk... again
buy my time
snow and salt teach me latent heat
shot dead with your subjective measures
trying to chop the tragic lovers apart
we studied art to shit on it
then we start our revolution
I hope my clothes can heal themselves
My mug got this done when I was asleep
look odd apart
they steal my design when I was three
the moon is flat
where are the bunnies?
happily pay your bills
you can no longer scare me with your eyes
honey, fill it up to "re"
fuck off
give me this and I will unfriend you in a heartbeat
my mom will try to wipe this off for eternity

I need some Jesus' blood now



Atypyk said...

M E R C I for your post !

Atypyk Team

Anonymous said...

omg ur pics are so cool n your words under r awesome u think of things other ppl dont