Split Persona

Monday, November 1, 2010


we make a promise
not to fall in love
with things that do not love us back

you discover many little glass slippers
fitting into different types of girls.
when can mr. B-612
return to his rose?

you really love me
loved me
will love me

io sono l'amore


deliver me a fable
mandarava blossoms
during cambrian
what if you are fake

who is your model
nothing is unique

so you asked me to explain
everything is natural
and simple

pikachu electrified the city
when his dad died
that's why you saw lightning

human bodies are constantly dropped
into the ocean
thus there're waves

we are all brides
veil me
unveil me

i cannot be yours

i love 王菲
i love cocteau twins
i love shoegazing
i love david sylvian
i love ryuichi sakamoto


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