Split Persona

Monday, May 10, 2010

7 days, a week

Come Monday Night
Love You Til Tuesday
Wednesday Morning 3a.m.
Thursday Afternoon
Friday I'm In Love
Saturday Night
Everyday Is Like Sunday

Oh why?
We lost track of the days of the week.
You didn't realise it was a Sunday.
I have 'Private Holidays'.

I wish I could catch it all
And pin it to the wall
Because I have been sleepless.

Oh baby,
Does your burning desire start on a Sunday too?
The morning is just a few hours away.
Lets go.
Let go.
I was in love.
Whatever makes her happy,
Whatever makes it alright...

Everyday is like Sunday
Everyday is silent and grey
When you're on your own

Hope you need my love
Just like I need you
Ain't got nothing but love
8 days a week

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