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Monday, January 25, 2010

dopo i sei mesi

Séraphine de Senlis

So I am here again.
Walking aimlessly at Landmark.
Checking out the cakes in threesixty.
Watching french movies at IFC on a Monday afternoon.
Having numerous gatherings.
Going back to ARN.
Working in a place where I don't belong.
Blending in.
Being different.
Trying to understand how this society works.
Attempting to have a conversation with you, you and you.

...e poi

Central is still lovely.
Food is still comforting.
Being with you makes me extra calm.
I miss everyone i know, used to know, re-know, didn't-really know...
The most touching thing is that they remember my name.
Apparently, they put up a bet on how long I am able to stay.
I can never act normal.
They are surprised.
Ti voglio bene

This is home.
I think.
I am back...

Séraphine Louis

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