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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ieri e oggi

dolce & gabbana '93

dolce & gabbana '94

dolce & gabbana '93

dolce & gabbana Sherilyn Fenn

you were born in the b/w photography era.
i was preoccupied by history.
i came from 29.
you got in at 24.
at least 3 minutes.
we were stuck in this frozen space.
not going up
nor moving down


in between space
buried in deep thoughts
a dozen of texts
an ancient Nokia
from Hong Kong to Barcelona
that summer
this elevator
"you didn't press..."

i drop you
but didn't expect you to float like a feather.

up in the air
like i never really know you
did you kill laura palmer?

i swear
i will never lure you to bed again.
though i break my promises
as often as you did that brow thing.
she pressed 'G'
for ground

i laugh
and i laugh
happiness shines through your toes.

i love your toes.
and your fingers too.

we love
dolce & gabbana when they were still together.

when we were once together.

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