Split Persona

Saturday, November 21, 2009

ci vediamo


how do we measure it?
i wish i can store them in a jar and show it to you.
or draw you a chart or graph of bars showing the percentage and tendency.
they are not in my actions.
quite the opposite.
laughter means sadness,
"i'm fine" often leads to something a little too fine...

how do you bear with this?
i push and i push.
then i lock myself up.
and i run and i run.

you beat me up.
and i dream of you.

but the fox said
you are responsible for what you tamed

rabbit hole
i hide

i can't help but think,
who's destiny would i be repeating if i were in one hundred years of solitude.
no matter how hard i tried to break the cycle,
to escape from this family bond,
i will finally return to that room and trap myself inside.
decoding what's left from an outsider.
oh, how we both love the outside world...


jump jump jump
to eternity