Split Persona

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Don't Leave Me"

It's difficult to explain.
Like many states of mind and emotions, words are often inadequate.
But I will try.

A taste of forbidden freedom
The peaceful breeze in the air
A long came the strangers and seemingly-familiar acquaintances
Inspiring and, at the same time, hilarious conversations
A mixture of truths and lies
And a lot of whatevers and who-gives-a-shits
The web of connections
Attachment attachment attachment
Elimination of the self
La tua borsa
I miei occhiali da sole
Your endless suggestions
My forever gratitude

The karma
The change
Your shape
The caution which follows by the lust
WKW and Bertolucci
Simplicity and Complexity
Attachment detachment attachment
Breaking and Entering
The helplessness

To depart and arrive

Back again?
Emotional bribery

Then we move on...

In Conclusion:
I am so afraid of you.


1 comment:

David Kames said...

Wow, that sounds creepy...
care to expand on it?