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Monday, May 25, 2009

Keep it Simple

Thanks David Abstract for the tag. I am never good at this, so I just keep it simple.

Current obsession
- hiding/ escaping/ disappearing
Weirdest obsession- counting moles
Wearing today- my skin
Favorite comfort food- you... haha
You'd like to learn to- how to breathe
Last thing you bought- a slice of hope
Listening to right now- silence
Favorite weather- strange/ surprise
Most challenging goal now- i duno? to tell you the truth?
One who tagged you- David Abstract
Anywhere to live- your heart
Want in your hands now- luck
Like to get rid of- troubles
Anywhere for an hour- your mind
Language to learn- body
Look for in a friend- brain... actually i duno, this is just totally random
Meet in person- um...
Favorite type of music- can't specify... classical, electric, indie... blah blah blah
Favorite clothing owned- oh the purple bra
Dream job- the secret keeper
$100 to spend on- drinks
Pet peeve- dry dead skin
Who do you admire- Isabelle and Theo
Personal style- never try too hard
Favourite beauty product- a good night sleep

which is what I need now :)


David Abstract said...

You welcome to the tag; nice list - simple but charming!

"Dream job- the secret keeper"
now that's cool ;-)

Anonymous said...

Placebo is coming to hk on Aug 3!!! will you be back in hk that time? ahhh i have to go with you gum gum! take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww i love this, very original, i think your blog is amazing!