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Saturday, October 11, 2008

small spend, spend small

From the NY times,
"The Frugal Teenager, Ready or Not":

...These are difficult conversations. Panicked, stressed parents are struggling to explain and impose restraints, just when teenagers are expecting more spending money, not less...

...After class, one girl said: “We are so being bribed. I’m bad at math but if I get an A, my father will give me a designer bag.”...

Yea, I always want nice stuff. Not just designer brands, we always ask for the quality and the rareness/ unique of the things we bought. But I enjoy buying cheap things too. Especially finding the one that looks most expensive among the crap. Hee...
Now that I am really poor, I got to do that a lot. And I have to admit it was fun. Especially when one could never really guess how much I spent on a certain piece.
When we are extremely poor, the only way out is to dig into our old clothes and mix everything again... and I guess the challenge could be interesting and inspiring at times.
So bring it on! We can still manage a cool outfit even when we are totally broke!

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