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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Standing in the way of Control

Life is getting amazingly busy
Is that how they treat you when you resign?
Labour you til the very end.
Forcing you with endless tasks though knowing perfectly well that your mind is filled with nothing but 2 weeks away from now - freedom.
But it's okay. I don't mind.
When I am tense, I dance to Standing In The Way of Control.

I like The Gossip
and Peaches.
So I bought this.

Yeah! Kiss This! You losers!

Only scan thtough it. No Time.
Also got to squeeze time out for I Feel Cream.

I love Karley Sciortino.
Who interviewed Beth Ditto and the others for this issue of Dazed.

the gossip
dazed and confused - issue 173
karley sciortino - http://slutever.blogspot.com/

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David Abstract said...

Peaches and The Gossip are both good - try searching Youtube for "Standing in the way of Connection" it's a mash-up of "...In the way of Control" with "Connection" by Elastica.

P.s. thanks for commenting on my blog - you're welcome to do it more often ;-)